Writing Strategies

Create A Deadline- #13 (Un)Common Writing Strategies

by – Tom Kubrak

We all work differently. As a writer though… The deadline is what makes it happen. It’s what turns that simple thought you had.. into a reality.


Then you can fill in the blanks of now and the date of the deadline. You can now figure out exactly what you’re going to do to meet the deadline you, your editor or publisher have set for you.


The deadline is what pushes you to write more than one piece in your writing career. 

The deadline is what holds us accountable. 

The deadline is what makes us maximize our time. 

The deadline allows us to not forget. 

The deadline doesn’t allow us to make excuses.

The deadline is what makes us sit down today and write.

The deadline is what gets us out of bed.

The deadline is what teaches us how our food affects our energy.

The deadline is what doesn’t allow us to take a sick day.

The deadline makes it happen.

The deadline is what doesn’t let us take unnecessary risks in other areas of our lives.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” -Napoleon Hill

By- Tom Kubrak


IG & TWTR @tomkubrak

By Thomas A. Kubrak

Hi! I'm a writer from West Orange New Jersey. I write lots of topics but my top three are Profile Stories, thrillers and Historical Fiction.

I also write short stories and post many of them on my instagram page @tomkubrak. I accompany may of those stories with photos and artwork from other people I have met. I'm inspired by many photographers and artists work to write many of my short stories.

I started writing when I was 21.

Another love of mine is in film and I've written and directed some short films which you can find on youtube. The links you can find on my website at

Contact me if your interested in me writing any content, editing any pieces or simply with any writing questions.

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