Writing Strategies

#9 One Day Off- (Un)Common Writing Strategies

This could be the thing you need to implement in your life to avoid getting off track on your long writing project.

By- Tom Kubrak

Put… the… pen… down. Nooo don’t do it- HEY- Yea you. Take a break. Relax… and enjoy YOUR DAY OFF.


A few times I’ve met writers who have said they’ve been working on a book or some writing project for 10 or 15 years. Having not been writing for very long, but already feeling confident about my writing, it made me think… 

As a writer who hasn’t had a book published, and is now 6 months into his first book(which hasn’t been easy), am I going to be writing this for the next 15 years?

I told myself that I can’t let that happen. I just have too many books, screenplays, and plays I want to write(A Common problem for most writers), but how am I going to do this? 

Well, when I started taking writing seriously at 21 I went on a self-discovery journey that had me putting myself through many rigorous challenges to my mind and body. One thing I learned throughout that journey was I need to rest. In other words “I’m not Superman!” 

So, I implemented a strategy, that no matter what came up in my life, writing or business, that I would take one day off from all my writing, business ventures and odd jobs once a week, no matter what.

Even if it was at the expense of one of those things I would adhere to the rule. I do have to say though, I missed out on many things in all 3 of those categories and have been put in some pretty tough situations(which is for another story). But to this day I still have no regrets in making that decision. It’s kept me grounded and I haven’t experienced any burn outs since then.


For me I can go about 6-8 months without taking a break. I know this because it’s happened to me 3 times. Each time, worse than the last. Everyone is different though and can go longer or shorter than others. Anyway, somewhere around that 6 month mark I crash. My brain and body shut down. I lose my passion and my drive. I also usually fall into a scary depression. These burn outs aren’t for a day or even a week either. These burn-outs, caused by working incessantly for months on end, last a month or two until I finally get productive and produce the things I want again.

Looking back at it, those 6 months of working myself half-to-death just wasn’t worth it. 


Could you imagine a car driving for a week straight without stopping? Well…if you can good for you, but cars can’t usually get anywhere near 12 hours on a full tank of gas. Of course, we are humans, but how long can you go without stopping? The cost of driving a car of years without heading to the repair shop can cost you thousands of dollars. What is it for a human? That depends on the person I guess, but from experience, it can be devastating.


Try implementing this strategy in your life. It may be hard to resist at first. But no matter what, take a day off. Maybe get an accountability partner for it. See if it makes a difference in your creative output.

Writers…if you want to finish the book we have to be consistent. We can’t afford a long hiatus like that. Things in life happen that are sometimes out of our control, but what we can control, is our decisions and our actions; to avoid getting stuck on projects for years. 

We have the power to complete what we set out to do.

Genesis 2:1-3

By- Tom Kubrak


IG & TWTR @tomkubrak

By Thomas A. Kubrak

Hi! I'm a writer from West Orange New Jersey. I write lots of topics but my top three are Profile Stories, thrillers and Historical Fiction.

I also write short stories and post many of them on my instagram page @tomkubrak. I accompany may of those stories with photos and artwork from other people I have met. I'm inspired by many photographers and artists work to write many of my short stories.

I started writing when I was 21.

Another love of mine is in film and I've written and directed some short films which you can find on youtube. The links you can find on my website at

Contact me if your interested in me writing any content, editing any pieces or simply with any writing questions.

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